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As a young man in college, my father had the dream of someday owning a winery…

And in 1993, his dream was about to become a reality – and I was the son geographically accessible to make his dream come true.

As a young man in college, my father had the dream of someday owning a winery…

And in 1993, his dream was about to become a reality – and I was the son geographically accessible to make his dream come true.

“Teamwork is my philosophy. All members of the team are equally important; I hire the best people and let them work. Tourism, Enotourism (tourism in wine regions) in particular, is becoming increasingly important, especially in newly emerging wine regions such as Valle de Guadalupe,” said Fernando Favela Vara.

Fernando Favela Vara
Sergio Heras
Jesus Rivera Muñoz “Don Chuy”
Jose Inocencio López Delgado
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Founder / CEO

Fernando was born in Durango, but due to his fathers’ work, the family was raised in Mexico City. And it was there where Fernando obtained an undergraduate degree in electrical and mechanical engineering from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Fernando arrived in Ensenada, Baja California, in August 1980, and obtained a master’s degree in science with honorable mention from CICESE (Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada) in 1982. He worked there from 1982 to 1992 in the geophysics department where, among other responsibilities, he designed Mexico City’s accelerograph network.

In 1990, during his sabbatical year, he joined Incubadora de Empresas con Base Tecnológica (IEBT) (Technologically Based Business Incubator) as founding technical director and later became the president.

IEBT enabled the creation of more than twenty companies in the technology sector.

In 1992 Fernando decided to become independent and founded TD Manufacturas y Tecnología (TD Manufacturing and Technology) and is still the chairman of the board.

In 1993 his father, Fernando Favela Lozoya, realized a life-long dream – to build a winery and make GREAT Mexican wines. In 1993 Favela Lozoya makes the investment, and the company is registered; Fernando designs and builds the facility and vinification system… and in 1995 Château Camou has its first vintage. At the time, Favela Lozoya was extremely busy in the construction industry and since Fernando was already living in Ensenada – he was the “it” man to make his fathers’ dream come thru.

Fernando has served in different societies and chambers; he was President of the Ensenada Winegrowers Association, National Vice-President of the National Association of Winegrowers (today Viniculture Council of Mexico), member of the board of Sistema Producto Vid de Baja California, member of the Ensenada Consulting Council of Economic Development, member of COPARMEX Ensenada, to name a few.

True to his family’s tradition of community service, Fernando has been an active member of the Rotary Club since 1993 and has served as president of the Ensenada Riviera RC, district governor in 2005-2006, and founding member of the first Spanish-speaking Rotary Club in San Diego County.


Born and raised in Durango, Mexico in 1927… Mr. Favela is considered one of Durango’s most prominent citizens. From a very young age, he supports his mother and sisters at the passing of his late father. He moves to Mexico City in 1949 to attend University – in 1953 he graduates from the National School of Engineers at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM) with a degree in Civil Engineering. Same university where fifty years later he receives his masters’ degree – also in Engineering.

At the tender age of 22; before graduating from University, Mr. Favela starts his brilliant and professional career in one of Mexico’s most successful construction companies to this day – Ingenieros Civiles y Asociados (ICA) His first position was overseeing a department and eventually reached the position of Executive Vice President – and pretty much since the start, became the right hand of the company’s founder.

Amongst his most important accomplishments are the construction of large hydroelectric infrastructure dams and canals. The construction of the first subway lines in Mexico City, the deep sewage project in Mexico City (where he almost lost his life) and the internalization of the Mexican building technology which transports the company to go into Central and South America to build large construction projects – and he also is responsible for getting the company public and into the Mexican stock exchange.

In 1969, he started teaching in the faculty of Engineering within the Construction department. His goal has always been to form great civil engineers with a specialty in transportation. He was a professor at UNAM University for more than forty years. Within the Engineering faculty, Mr. Favela occupied many positions – he was chief of the section, then of the construction department, president of the commission which defined post graduate degrees as well as a member of the committee of the civil engineering career. He was also a professor in various post graduate construction courses and the division of continuous education.

A students’ testimony on him was… “He was an example to us all for his way of thinking – clear, simple and objective. A professor who always made sure all concepts were clear with a great sense of humor and an excellent attitude towards all students – ALWAYS, despite his tight schedule, he always made time to consult outside of class.” His passion was teaching and the formation of civil engineers. “Mexico lacks engineers,” he would say and for this he was very enthusiastic in convincing students to major in engineering.

In other aspects of this life, Mr. Favela was a lover of great food and great wine – which is what eventually led him to making his winery dream come thru. Always a believer that in Mexico we have everything to create great quality world renowned wines. In 1993 he registers Château Camou leaving his son Fernando in charge of overseeing the entire project. And in 1995 they initiate business with their first harvest which would give them great satisfactions for their international recognition and in turn would put Mexico on the wine map.

Mr. Favela Lozoya currently continues to live in Mexico City with his bride of 64 years. He is 93 years old.


Sergio has been Château Camous’ winemaker since 2015 and he loves it! His work philosophy coupled with his work experience, makes Sergio a perfect fit with Château Camous’ vision of creating GREAT wines that express their terroir. Sergio’s’ attention to detail is one of his greatest assets and this is what makes him the ideal person in meeting the wineries’ goals of creating the highest quality of Mexican wines.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina he is a fourth-generation member of a family of viticulturists. The winery founded by his great grandfather was destroyed by an earthquake in 1952, but his grandfather continued producing grapes at the same property that now has vines of over 60 years of age. Sergio followed his calling as well as his family’s vocation. He graduated from the University of Juan Agustin Maza in Mendoza, Argentina as an Enologist.

While in his hometown, he worked as a technician at Bodegas Catena Zapata, at Bodega Ruca Malen and as a winemaker at Bodega Familia Casona where he acquired valuable experience in making micro fermentations and micro-oxygenation. Later he became the winemaker of Bodegas y Viñedos La Esperanza.

Before joining Château Camou, Sergio had many jobs both in his native Mendoza as well as Internationally – in the Alps in Austria. One day, he receives an offer for an academic job in Mexico and he decides to take it. This is where Sergio falls in love with the dissemination of knowledge of wine and food. By 2012 he becomes a teacher at Instituto Culinario de México and starts to import Argentinian wines into Mexico.

Sergio possesses many professional qualities… He’s creative, methodical, and meticulous – all great assets to possess as a winemaker. Since his arrival to Château Camou, Sergio has supervised a continuous renovation of the winery. He is particularly meticulous on cleanliness and analysis to ensure the absence of harmful microorganisms. “We are thrilled that Sergio found his way into Château Camou, and we hope to continue making many more award-winning grand wines,” commented Fernando Favela Vara, founder of the winery.

Raised in vineyards he loves nature and outdoor sports and as a good Mendocino he enjoys good food, good wine, and good friends.


Don Chuy, as he’s dearly called, has been working at Château Camou since 2001and he truly has enjoyed every moment.  He is responsible of the vines and the amazing grapes which make our award-winning wines. He also is the man behind the olive trees – the beautiful olive trees which make an amazing olive oil… An olive oil that has Don Chuy’s name on it… “I love my job,” he proudly said.  “I love the plants; I talk to them… They like it!  I love being on the grounds and making sure everything is perfect… When I’m not at work I yearn to return. The land calls me! Château Camou is my second home.”

Born in Tuxpan, Jalisco, He move with his family to Mexicali, Baja California, due to his fathers’ work. His father helped build the road from Tecate to Mexicali – ’la rumorosa’… At his tender age of 8, his family moved to Valle de Guadalupe, and they’ve been there ever since. This is now his home, and he loves it. He has 5 kids and 3 grandkids.

We are honored to have Don Chuy work for us, a man who loves his job and assures us of the best possible grapes. Thank you, Don Chuy!

Enotourism Hospitality

Inocencio was born in Ensenada, Baja California and raised in the Valle de Guadalupe… Baja’s Wine Country. He loves his homeland and from a very young age he knew he would be studying viticulture. In 2005 he majored in this field.

In 2005 he started working at Château Camou through an internship program – his specialty started out in the laboratory – and he is now the expert who does the analysis of the wines… before they are ready to be savored by us all.

“I love everything about the wine industry,” he commented. “From the harvest to grape selection, fermentation, aging in the wood and bottles up to seeing people’s reactions when they first taste a new wine.”

Inocencio is loved by everyone and is very good at learning about every aspect of the business. He loves meeting and talking to guests from all over the world. Currently, he’s in charge of the Tasting Room at Château Camou. Stop by and say hello.

Most recently he attained his sommeliers’ certificate – he is an expert at wine pairing and if you request a Winery Tour with him, he will tell you all about each and every wine. Congratulations Inocencio!

He fell in love with Alejandra at a very young age and they’ve been married for 17 years. They are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

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